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New original meditations.                Every week.


Discover how you can feel amazing, access deep peace and develop your intuition with guided group meditation that's powered by a worldwide community.

We probably don't have to tell you about all the phenomenal GOOD that meditation can bring into your life...

  • Such as LESS STRESS
  • Increased FOCUS
  • Greater CREATIVITY
  • Better SLEEP
  • A sense of WELLBEING
  • A feeling of spiritual CONNECTION

And chances are you know it can be really difficult to meditate for all these reasons ...

  • Not enough TIME
  • Mental CHATTER
  • And, yes, sometimes even BOREDOM

We were the same. Until we came up with a beautiful solution.

your weekly worldwide online guided group meditation


No one else offers all these features...


Giving you less stress and more peace in your life.

So that everything just gets better.

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We're a web site. We're a community. We're a meditation oasis where you can regularly escape the craziness, the hustle-bustle of modern life and access a state of serenity anytime, any day, 24/7

Still not sure? It's easy to TRY One Mind Live because there's...

  • No obligation
  • No commitment
  • All the bonuses to keep - even if you unsubscribe the same day! How cool is that?

Just follow these 3 simple steps:

Here's what One Mind Live membership includes:

Tell me more about the BONUSES

We love giving gifts! So in addition to the BONUSES we've listed below, which are available right now for listening to and downloading, we'll be adding more goodies all the time.

10 Minute Meditations

Because we know that sometimes even 30 minutes is hard to squeeze in - every month we post a new short meditation "for busy people" that you can do when you need the effects but you don't have much time (and let's face it, when you're running short of time is usually when you need the effects of meditation the most!).

Members get access to the full library of these, with every one available for online listening or downloading onto your favorite MP3 player, for no extra charge.

Composer's Choice MP3

Once a month, Stephen chooses his favorite music track from the last four meditations and makes it available as an MP3 download so that you can use it to underscore your own meditation practice or anything else you feel inspired to do, from washing the dishes to giving a massage to just...being.

The Best of One Mind Live 2016-2017

At the end of every year, we gather our 10 favorite meditations from the past 12 months and give them to you! This is the only way to get recordings of One Mind Live meditations and, as a Member, you don't have to pay anything extra for this. That's 15 HOURS of mind blowing, state-altering guided meditations - organized into categories so you can listen to what you need when you need it. It's your own personal library of effortless bliss! [UPDATE: BEST OF ONE MIND LIVE 2016-2017 NOW AVAILABLE!]

Angel Contact MP3

The same high-quality version that sells on iTunes for about $10. We give it to you as a digital download to listen to on your computer or on any MP3 player. If you've only heard this amazing recording on YouTube, you're in for a treat as the complexity of the music deepens the experience even more.

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It's time to begin experiencing the world-changing, you-changing benefits NOW.

Wow, am floating in an amazing space. Thank you so much. Tapping was great and allowed for easy drop into the meditation, music is perfect, sublime, meditation out this world literally and metaphorically. I really feel as though we have done something positive for the planet and mankind through this meditation.

L. Croker, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

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Still have questions about One mind live?

Do I really have time for meditation?

The funny thing is, meditation can create time. By lowering stress, which eats it up. Have you noticed how stress can waste big chunks of your day? Or can make you less efficient in what you're doing in general? Meditation relieves stress to make you calmer and when you're calmer, you're more effective at everything - including getting things done. Taking at least 30 minutes a week to join a One Mind Live meditation is easier than you think - especially since you can access it whenever is convenient for you. And that could lead to doing the meditation every day! (Just warning you - it's kind of addicting!) In a good way.

How easy is it to unsubscribe?

As easy as sending an email to us. From there, it's done immediately, no questions asked, no hassles. Whether you opted for monthly or quarterly membership, you won't be billed again and your membership access will continue until the end of the period you've already paid for, whether that's a week or a couple of months.

We make it easy to come and easy to go because we know the last thing you want to be worried about is getting trapped in something!

What if I can't get online for the live broadcast?

No problem! We upload a replay of each week's meditation as soon as we finish the broadcast. You can access it 24/7 or via one of the 6 replay groups we offer within the members-only area of One Mind Live.

What if I want to just meditate alone?

How and when you meditate with One Mind Live is entirely up to you since you can choose from our replay options as well as take advantage of our Bonuses such as "10 Minute Meditations". But meditating WITH your fellow members isn't in any way distracting. Though we're all together energetically, members can't hear or see each other during the Live broadcast or any of the Replay Groups. The only way to communicate directly is by commenting in the comments section below each meditation.

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