For Life's Big Questions There's Meditation. But For Some Of The Smaller Ones:

What if I can't make the weekly live broadcast?

You can listen to a replay-on-demand at any time, 24/7, clearly marked and available within the member's area. Right after each week's live broadcast, we upload a fresh recording which can be listened to online via your wi-fi connected smartphone or any computer with web access.

Is the replay-on-demand a group meditation?

It depends on you! While not set up as a group meditation the way our weekly live broadcast and five weekly replay groups are, we encourage you to use your ingenuity and create impromptu - or even well planned - group meditations by communicating with other members in the Facebook comments area on the Replay-on-Demand page.

How easy is it to unsubscribe?

We're about making life better and that means easier. If you decide One Mind Live isn't for you, for any reason, all you have to do is email from the email you used to join and you will be set free with no further obligation, cost or hassle. Just a loving wave good bye and a "hope to see you again someday!"

Do I have to have a Facebook account to join?

Absolutely not. We use a Facebook comments system inside the members area so that members can communicate with us and with each other, because we find it a great way to stay spam-free. No one is, however, required to comment so you don't need a Facebook account. We do know of a few members who created special Facebook accounts just to participate in the One Mind Live community and nothing else, though. So that's a compromise solution.

Why does it cost money to be a member? Shouldn't meditation be free?

Meditation is and always has been free. What our members pay for is the time and resources required to bring everyone together and create the online space for us to meet in. It's kind of like water. It's free and should be. When you pay a water bill, you're paying for the delivery of the water to your house so you don't have to collect and purify your own. Having said that, if you feel deeply that you want to be part of the One Mind Live community and simply can't manage the cost, please email us and we'll see what we can do for you.

What religion are you?

We're not a religion - we'reĀ friends from varying backgrounds, with different beliefs, that share a passion for exploring the benefits of having a spiritual dimension in our lives. What we have in common is a love of and appreciation for meditation and we share the view that underneath all the outer differences, at the deepest soul level, everyone on earth shares a common spiritual bond of Oneness.

Is there a way to try it and see how I like it before I join?

Besides the free audio sample of an actual meditation you can listen to here we don't at this time have a try before you join option - but a lot of our members bought a monthly subscription, knowing they could cancel without being more than one month's membership out of pocket if, after 4 live meditations, it wasn't for them. (By the way, a lot of those people later switched to annual subscriptions once they knew how much they loved it, for the savings that option offers). But if you want to try for a month at zero cost, do an annual subscription which can be canceled within 30 days for a full refund.

Are there any other meditation groups besides the weekly live one?

Yes! We provide six group replays of the week's meditation, spaced around the clock to accommodate as many people around the world as possible. In addition, we survey our members for ideas of new groups and times to add. As our membership grows, more group times will be added.

What's the difference between One Mind Live and meditation audios I can buy on iTunes?

We have nothing negative to say about pre-recorded meditation audios - we offer some of ours on iTunes, too! But what sets us apart is that we go to great lengths to create a community of co-meditators, people who meditate together at the same time no matter where they are in the world. We believe this 'supercharges' the effects for the individuals meditating and for the planet in general. You can read more about this 'Maharishi Effect' here. We're the only LIVE online meditation that broadcasts "fresh-squeezed", unrecorded, unscripted and undeniably inspired guided journeys into peace and calm - every week!